Interior installation, Almaty, Kazakhstan


New McDonald’s on Minina Street in Kazakhstan’s former capital, Almaty, is operating its second month. This is the third restaurant opened in Kazakhstan, and the first restaurant in Kazakhstan, which is mounted by AXBV. Most restaurants in Almaty have a classic or national interior, so modern furniture and decor, installed by us, is different from the usual. Our specialists mounted wall panels with prints, decorative partitions of complex shape, and poufs with chargers for telephones and cameras – all these elements of the interior and decor as a matter of urgency, in just eight working days. Inside you can also find a McCafe counter, offering perfect coffee. After finishing our work, we have realized that there is nothing we cannot do because if we have managed to make an interior installation is such a short time, then we can do anything. Every member of the group not only tried his/her best to get the work done as soon as possible but also did not forget about the importance of following the standards of high quality. In the end, we managed to have a perfect furniture installation that would attract many visitors and let them spend their free time with pleasure.
We thought that it would be an incredibly difficult task. However, in the process of decor installation, we understood that if we combine our efforts, we would show the true professionalism of our team.
Only people who love their work can manage to complete difficult tasks correctly, so after furniture installation in Kazakhstan we figured out that we are the ones, true professionals of our craft!

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