Interior installation, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan

AXBV International installers have finished installation of interior and specialized equipment in the center for the children with special needs «Mejrim» Almaty, Kazakhstan. For the six full weeks, groups of professional interior installers have been replacing each other in the process of interior fitting and decor installation.

They have made a variety of presentational, projection, interactive and multimedia equipment for kitchen, office, and gym. They have been drawing and modeling rooms, interior decoration elements, doors, lighting elements, and even two evacuation staircases. What is more, they have made such decor installations as easels and aquarium.

Our team equipped the interior of the center for educating children with special developmental needs in an area of more than 2500m2 and for the second year children from Almaty to visit the center and enjoy the possibilities that provided for them there.

Installation of the interior in Almaty is one of our best projects because we have considered all little details in decor fitting to make the building convenient for children and included all the needed equipment to make them feel safe and comfortable.
It should be reopened really soon after a deep renovation process. AXBV International Installers are working hard to make it happened.

We are proud of this project and our participation in it!

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