Interior and decorative façade installation, Kutaisi, Georgia

Kutaisi, Georgia

The new McDonald’s Georgia Kutaisi is opened in the central part of one of the most beautiful cities in Georgia. It is not the first object where our professional installation team fits decoration and interior elements but at the same time first this big one – with two floors, two-leveled terrace zone with summer furniture, and two-leveled façade. Our interior installers also fitted the exterior and driveline equipment, where the clients can make an order not getting out of the car. Street menu, pointers, movement accelerators, exterior décor, and decorative lighting – everything was fitted by our professional installation team in time and in accordance with high-quality standards. Interior fitting and façade decoration in the central part of the city is always a big responsibility because it is constantly in plain sight. However, we succeeded! The restaurant looks just fine! Also, the first clients of McDonald’s Georgia Kutaisi are already served.
It took AXBV International Installers 4 weeks to install a full set of interior, equipment, and facade of this building. Now, we are traveling home to prepare for the next installation site to meet the needs of our future customers.
Decoration and interior installation in Georgia has become an excellent experience for us in terms of taking a significant amount of work and being sure that we will manage to do our job of high quality regarding all requests of our customers.

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