Interior installation, Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar

New McDonald’s Qatar in the City Center in Doha has been decorated and fitted by AXBV International Installers. All interior and decor elements along with the pieces of furniture were made in China, but still, they are of high quality and equal to the European ones. Our professional installation team confirmed that while fitting the furniture and décor elements. Even though it was rather boiling outside (all works were carried out at the temperature of 45°С) and our interior installers had beaten the heat only with the help of the air conditioner, everything was done in time and of high quality. In this project, our professional interior fitters did not perform the facade decoration, which is great regarding the weather conditions!
While fitting and installing the interior of this restaurant, we made it unique thanks to nice shapes and smooth colors of décor elements. Decoration installation of the restaurant in the center of Doha in Qatar made our professional interior installers really proud of their work.
Thanks to our team, new McDonald’s restaurant in Doha has become an ideal place for families and top location that serves breakfasts, has a convenient drive-through, provides possibilities to celebrate birthdays, and has a play area.

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