Interior installation, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, Jeddah

Our workers have done a successful renovation of McDonald’s in Jeddah in Al Mena area. In this place, unlike in the rest of stores, we just fixed it up, without performing interior fitting and decor installation. In this project, came the time to replace the furniture inside the building. After several years of operation, it was necessary to replace the furniture and decor, while maintaining the original concept, so we faced that challenge and completed it, paying great attention to details to save the initial design of the place. Our workers were extremely accurate at that project and used unique technologies that made the process of work faster. At first, we have dismantled the old tables, seats, and some decorative elements. Then we have mounted new ones, and worked at night, making furniture installation zone by zone, to not to disturb the restaurant’s visitors. That was a complicated task because the workers have been limited in time because of the McDonald’s working hours. However, that circumstance has not stopped our team of professionals from getting their job done perfectly.
AXBV International installers have finished the furniture installation and deсor replacement in the short term, ensuring high-quality performance and receiving good reviews from the customer.

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