Interior installation Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, Baku

A brand new restaurant has been opened in beautiful Baku, the capital of sunny and colorful Azerbaijan. A new decor concept “RAY” has been chosen to be fitted by our professional installation team for this restaurant. A complicated shape of the facility and different parameters of the floors have made whole interior installation a bit difficult. Besides, our installers worked on the interior simultaneously with the decorative ceiling fitters, which created some problems and complications. However, as true professionals, we managed to deal with this problem effectively and helped our workers to perform their tasks successfully, while not disturbing each other.

The restaurant was divided into zones where different crews were carrying out their work without interfering with each other’s work. The restaurant interior and decoration elements are bright and vivid, so look around and admire it when you come to the restaurant. Fitting of all elements of the furniture and décor has been performed, as usual, with high quality and will make the visitors continuously enjoy unusual design solutions and elements. Actually, visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy original interior, furniture, and decorations installed by the professional team of AXBV International Installers in a very short time. Do not miss our news and subscribe!

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