Decorative façade installation, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Mejrim, Almaty

Our international installation team is processing the renovation of the facade of the Mejrim children’s complex in Almaty. European designers have developed the decorative facade, especially for this complex.

The contemporary facade was designed in Austria, and the elements were also made there. That fact proves that the facade has the highest quality and is made of excellent materials. It was mounted in the winter, in time for the New Year, so the visitors could come and use the services of the complex.
Qualitative installation and interior fitting ensured customer satisfaction from our work, so for the third year since there are any negative comments regarding our team’s work. The building differs from everything around because its style is modern and attractive so that the complex can be seen and recognized in the distance.

We wanted to make the building unique and unlike the surrounding ones and installation of the interior in Almaty was successful as there are any similar buildings in the city. Our team has valuable skills in the area of decor installation and can put into practice qualitative implementation of any creative and unusual projects.
AXBV International Installers are doing their best to keep the original idea of a new and modern look of the building. Interior fitting is our specialty, so we provide the best services to make our clients satisfied with the completed work and receive positive feedback.

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