Interior installation Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia

AXBV International Installers have finished the installation of interior elements, furniture, playing zones, POS and advertising equipment in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. There are no borders for our team in the area of interior installation, and we are always ready to make even the most creative and unusual projects real! McDonald’s EAST POINT in the Tbilisi area, Georgis, is opened.
We have decided to install many windows in the building, so the customers can eat their meal and enjoy a fantastic view of the nearest square. We have installed a lot of comfortable seats, from big couches to bar stools, so any customer can find the most convenient place or the area to seat and have lunch or breakfast. Moreover, we have installed conditioners to make the visitors feel comfortable even when it is hot outside. For the visitors, who want to eat something in the evening, there are lovely benches with tables outside, so they can sit in the open air and admire the atmosphere of the city and have their meal.
AXBV International Installers performed full interior installation and signage installation. We provided our best services to make the building look nice and attractive both inside and outside. As for the decor installation, all the details have a similar style, so the place seems stylish and perfectly fits in the area of its location. We always manage to get our work done on time, and our team is still pleased when we receive positive feedback from our customers.
No delays, no complaints!

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