Interior installation Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbajan

AXBV International Installers are proud to present another opened store with the equipment, furniture, and decorative elements that have been personally installed by our crew – the new McDonald’s Azerbaijan Baku Ganjlik. Foodcourt store is located in the new shopping center in the city of Baku.
AXBV International Installers did installation of interior and parts of equipment in December 2017. Mall food court décor and interior installation is always a challenge. A lot of contractors and tenants, everyone trying to do their best in front of the others. Nevertheless, interior and décor installation provided by AXBV International installers is always in time and with high-quality level as we have a lot of experience in interior installation in Azerbaijan.
We know the specifics of every region and country, in which we perform interior installation, so the results are always impressive and highlight the national features. We have managed to design a unique interior installation that will attract visitors and stand out among other places. Our professional team made furniture installation in the short term to let people visit the restaurant as soon as possible. Our workers made a joyful atmosphere at the food court store by implementing different styles of decorations and making it look modern.
We fully understand what the visitors want, so we are always ready to help our customers to create the best store in the mall. Thanks to our long-term operational experience, we can provide the best services for our customers and make them satisfied with the result.

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