A new art installation working on solar batters called SEED-POD has been presented at Renaissance Park, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

 It is powered by 84 aluminum and colored panels of laser-cut plexiglas. The author of the installation is Deedee Morrison, a designer from Alabama.
Standing next to the Seed-Pod Is an 18-foot-tall pylon tipped with the solar panel that stores the energy of the Sun. A 125- Watt transformer converts the Sun’s rays into useful energy.
The charging monitor turns down the voltage to 12V to charge the batteries. The accumulators store the energy until it is used up. Two 92-AN batteries feed 12 installed LED (Light Emitting Diodes) that work smoothly for about 14 hours before recharging. Twelve LEDs require only 10W each, which means energy consumption matches that of a single 110W lightbulb.

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